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Tecco Netting

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  • Защита от каменпада, сетка TECCO

Product Description

Tecco Neting 


Tecco Netting is made of high tensile strength steel wire 3.0mm 4.0mm or 2.0mm, with the tensile strength ≥1,770N/mm2, normally the tecco netting specifications are including G65/3 G65/4 G80/4 G45/2 G/40/2knotted ends ≥1.5 lapsAnd with anchors the TECCO steel wire mesh covers over the slope tension and firmly. The TECCO erosion blanket is firmly fixed to slopes and features a finer mesh to ensure that small rocks can be held in place in addition to large boulders. All these designs enable the tensile strength of 1m with of mesh no less than 150kN/m, which can supply maximum protection to the slopes and peoples.


1) High Tensile Strength Steel Mesh  - TECCO Netting Edges Tightly Knotted

Wire Tensile Strength: 256ksi (1770 N/mm2); 198ksi (1370 N/mm2); 129ksi (890 N/mm2)  
Wire Diametersr: 0.125 inch ( 3mm ), 0.158inch ( 4mm ), 0.08inch ( 2mm ).                                                                   

Materials: Galfan Wire (95% Zn / 5% Al coating); Hot-dipped Galvanized Wire (Zinc Coating≥200g/m2); Stainless Steel 304;
Coating: 0.41oz/ft2 min, 125g/m2 ; 200g/m2.
Mesh Apertures: 3.3"x5.6"(83x143mm); 3.3"x5.4"(83x138mm); 4.0"x6.97"(102x177mm); 2.44"x3.74" (62x95mm); 2.56"x2.56" (65x65mm) etc
Mesh Height: 0.43" (11mm); 1.18" (30mm).
Mesh Strength:150 KN/m


2) Tecco Netting In Rolls:
Mesh Edge Tightly Knotted
Roll Width: 3.5m 2.9m 3.4m 1m etc
Roll Length: 10m, 20m, 30m etc

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