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Tecco Mesh G80/4

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Product Description

Tecco mesh G80/4

Tecco mesh G80/4 is a high tensile steel wire mesh which made of wire diameter 3.0mm, with the tensile strength ≥1,770N/mm2, Zn-Al Alloy coated steel (or Stainless Steel material), knotted ends ≥1.5 laps, mesh roll widths 3.5m-2.9m-1.0m etc, mesh roll lengths 10m-20m-30m etc, All these designs enable the tensile strength of 1m with of mesh no less than 150kN/m, which can supply maximum protection to the slopes and peoples.


1.) TECCO Mesh Tecco G80/4 - Specification
Wire Tensile Strength: 256ksi (1770 N/mm2);                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Wire Diameter0.158 inch4.0mm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Materials: Zn/Al Alloy Steel Wire (95% Zn / 5% Al coating);  Stainless Steel Wire;
Zinc Coating: 0.41oz/ft2 min, 125g/m2 ; 200g/m2.
Mesh Apertures: 4.01" x  6.97" (102 x 177mm)
Mesh Heights: 0.43" (7-11mm);
Mesh Strength:150 KN/m

Mesh Edges Tightly Knotted


 2.) TECCO Mesh Tecco G80/4 - In Rolls:
    Mesh Edge Tightly Knotted
    Roll Width: 3.5m, 2.9m, 2m, 1m etc
    Roll Length: 10m, 20m, 30m etc


As a professinal manufacturer for High tensile steel wire mesh, we can providing the customized servicesMesh Apertures: 65x65mm 60*60mm 70*70mm 80*80mm etc - squre hole, Materials are available with more specifications and tensile strengths.


For more information, please contact with us for more details.